Toronto is getting a dazzling condo tower with a design unlike anything in the city

A significant new development application promises a bold architectural addition for the city, with a proposal for a 30-storey tower that has the potential to become a globally-recognized Toronto landmark, stepping out of line with the bland procession of condo projects churned out in the region.

Oikoi Living and Fora Propose Gaudi-Esque Partisans-Designed Tower

The latest news in the Toronto development scene that is sure to stir curiosity comes from Fora Developments and Oikoi Living, who have shared documents with UrbanToronto outlining their proposal for a 30-storey mixed-use residential development with an expressive and sculptural design that takes a large step - or two - outside the lines of convention. 

The formula is a sustainable building with 4 suites complete with lockout granny suites, solar power, green roofs, situated in walkable communities. 

Partisans design Toronto high-rise informed by "revision clouds"

Oikoi Living Homes and Fora, the developers on the project, brought on Partisan to design a tower that will be mostly residential, with amenities spaces on the ground floor and on the floors where the tower has setbacks, to take advantage of the terrace space.